Haldor and Leika

Haldor and Leika

Our Fjord horses Haldor and Leika arrived last week. It is so beautiful to have them here. Entire family is more than happy.


I Go to Sleep Like This!

I so agree…

FASHION du jour

You know how grandparents and parent of teenage or adult children always say, „enjoy your kids while they’re young because they’re not young for long!“  Well, of course, the part about them not being kids for ever is true, but does that mean I have to yearn for each and every moment?

Hear me out, I’m pretty sure I won’t miss getting baby boo boo on my hands while trying to wrestle a diaper onto a baby’s booty.  I’m pretty sure I won’t long for the early morning soothing melody of hollering matches on the way to school while I’m trying to beat the yellow light just in time to hear the late bell ring at school. Aand, I’m pretty sure I won’t yearn for the bouts of tears, bribing and begging at the dinner table in an effort to get one particular food snob to eat a single grain…

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